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What Is a CBD Carrier Oil and Why Is It Important?

A carrier oil is a little bit like what it sounds like, a vehicle to deliver another substance. If you’ve ever used essential oils, you may know about using another oil to help dilute the very strong effects of the pure essence of a plant. Some oils may harm you if they are not put […]

Is CBD an Adaptogen?

Is CBD an Adaptogen? Adaptogens: An Overview Ashwagandha, lion’s mane, holy basil… these and other adaptogens are in vogue. But what are adaptogens and how do they work? How does CBD fit into the mix? Adaptogens are plant compounds that help your body adjust to its environment. They’ve been used in holistic medicine for thousands […]

What Is CBG?

What is CBG and What Are Its Unique Benefits? By now you’ve probably heard of CBD…but are you familiar with its cannabinoid cousin, “CBG” (cannabigerol)? In recent centuries farmers have bred cannabis to have higher levels of THC and CBD. CBG is one of many ‘minors’ present in every hemp plant, but it only comprises […]

CBD and Autoimmune Disease: What Do the Studies Say?

If you’re among the 23 – 50 million Americans living with an autoimmune disease, you probably know the frustration of being at war with your own body. Autoimmune disease occurs when your immune system goes into overdrive, attacking healthy organs and tissues instead of bacteria and viruses. This can lead to inflammation, pain, and organ […]

What Is Immune System Balance and Can CBD Help?

Your immune system is an amazing machine. When functioning properly, it has two main lines of defense. These mechanisms work together to protect your body from invaders. These defenses operate in two main ways: Through T-cell lymphocytes, which go on hunting trips to find and destroy foreign antigens through “apoptosis,” which is basically “programmed cell suicide”; […]

Activate Your Cannabinoid Receptors

Welcome to the final frontier in your body. By now you’ve probably heard of the far-reaching endocannabinoid system (ECS). Every human and animal (except for insects) has one. The ECS is comprised of several different types of receptors and enzymes, and is involved in cellular signaling throughout our organs and tissues. While researchers have made […]

How Does CBD Work?

Everyone has heard about the potential of CBD, but how does it work? Scientists have recently discovered we have an endocannabinoid system (“ECS”) – a chain of receptors in our connective tissues, skin, and organs. From our brains to our toes, all mammals have this signal chain. It regulates our systems and helps our bodies […]

I’m New to CBD; What Can I Expect?

New to CBD? We’re excited you’re taking the plunge. You’ll be thanking yourself soon. CBD (short for “cannabidiol”) is a naturally-occurring compound in cannabis and hemp plants. It comes in many forms, including tinctures, topicals, capsules, vapes, smokable flower, and edibles. While its cannabinoid cousin, THC, is responsible for the “high” from marijuana use, CBD […]